Little Rider Seat
Little Rider Seat
Little Rider Seat
Little Rider Seat
Little Rider Seat
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Little Rider Seat

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Give your co-pilot the view they crave, and with the safety you want in the Little Rider Car Seat. Memory foam seating keeps your fur baby comfortable enough to take a snooze or enjoy the view out of the window. For muddier adventures, it's made from waterproof 600D Oxford PVC keeping your seats clean and it's machine washable. 

The built-in leash is designed for attaching to a harness only! 

Key Benefits

  • Fits any car seat, in the front, or the back and installs in seconds.
  • Cleaning is a breeze with the waterproof fabric.
  • Adjustable straps tie to the headrest.
  • Folds easily to under 2" for storage.
  • Great for dogs 15 lbs. and under, 12" Deep x 16" Wide x 10" Tall
  • Zipped pockets to store leash, dog poop bags (unused of course), or other travel essentials.
  • Free shipping and 1-week delivery!

    Frequently asked questions:

    Question: How do I attach this to my car seat?

    Answer: The top strap (one with the buckle) goes around the headrest. The longer clipped straps can also go around the headrest or the back of the seat.


    Question: Can I attach this to the car seats buckle?

    Answer: No, but you can purchase our Doggy Seat Belt for added security


    Question: Can I use this on a regular chair?

    Answer: Yes! Nothing better than a table for two. Just be sure to pass the dog-safe foods only.


    Question: Can I use this for my cat?

    Answer: You sure can.


    Question: Will it keep my dog in place?

    Answer: Yes. Dog's over 15 pounds will make it harder, though. The built-in harness clip does keep them from jumping around. Pro-tip: train them to sit in the Little Rider, they'll become more comfortable on car rides too!


    Question: Where can I store it?

    Answer: It folds up to be under 2" flat for storage underneath your seat or behind in the pouch.


    Question: Can I put more than one dog in it?

    Answer: No, this is designed for one dog only.


    Question: Can I put it in the backseat too?

    Answer: Yes, if there is a headrest or it's a bucket seat. The straps were designed to attach to the headrest or around the seat.


    Question: What should I attach the built-in harness clip to?

    Answer: Ideally, a body harness, attaching this clip to a collar, could pose a danger if you come to a sudden stop.


    Question: What's the weight limit?

    Answer: Sorry Great Dane fans, 15 pounds. 


    Question: Can I put it in the washing machine?

    Answer: Yes. It's is 100% polyester and waterproof. Just don't forget to detach your doggo.


    ** We are doing our best to maintain healthy and safe conditions for our entire supply line during COVID-19. Anticipate shipping delays, your satisfaction is our priority. We appreciate your patience. During a time like this, we at Mutt Camping would like to do our part by donating 50¢ to the Humane Society's COVID-19 Relief Fund for each purchase.**